About Me


He currently works at the Okinawa Christian School and graduated from the Lexues Academy in 2013. After graduating he participated in “STEM Okinawa” and at the same time worked as the facilitator of Digi-Lab Okinawa via the negotiations representative for the 2014 Regional Employement Awareness Support project. After finishing his time at Digi-Lab Okinawa, he participated in “Team Reki-aka” in the Mashup Awards, which was selected as the Okinawa representative team and received the Tanba-shi award. Currently he works at a distributed company that works remotely, focusing on Ruby/Rails Web Development, Education, and OpenSource.


Software Engineer YassLab Inc. (@YassLab)

Technical Supporter Ryukyufrogs

Social Networks and Contact

Twitter: nanophate (@nanophate)

Facebook: Naoya Matayoshi

Medium: @nanophate


School: Okinawa Christian School International 2003 ~ 2016

Company: Ryukyu Interactive 2015 ~

Company: YassLab Inc. 2016 ~


Award and Honor

  • MASHUP AWARDS Tamba-city Award